Fitted Wardrobes - The way you want

Sliding Door Wardrobes

Add style in your room with sliding door wardrobes.

We present numerous designs exclusively developed and enhanced at Supreme to surprise you with plenty of opportunities that express your personal style. With us, installing a wardrobe is not only a question of space, it is a style statement of your interiors that will either complement or contrast your bedroom design.

Get to know some of our designs:


  • Glass sliding doors: A stylish addition to your bedroom wardrobe; glass doors come in a wide range of colors and designs. Choose cool blues and white to calm and reflect or red and pinks for brightness and motivation. There can be a kaleidoscope of opportunities with mix and match option.
  • Mirrored sliding doors: For a classic look; mirrored doors have wonderful space enhancing property and they reflect calmness and mood enhancing vibes.
  • Wood sliding doors: For elegant looking interior; They create comfort with wonderful warming property. Choose from among a number of effects like warming cherry, bold beech, stylish wenge, walnut, or traditional oak.
  • Modern sliding doors: For trendy and stylish looks; It can be a fusion of mirror, wood, or glass. There are endless opportunities with splitting and joining any of the panels for rare looking designs.
We manufacture wardrobe sliding doors that are easy to install with glass, stainless steel, or wood faced panels. Panel frames and tracks as well as hinges, ball bearings and other such hardware are made of either stainless steel, PVC or aluminum material, which do not need to be lubricated and resist corrosion. Due to easy maintenance and longevity, our products are client’s favorite.

If you are driven now to bring changes in your bedroom wardrobes, we will help you with our unmatched creativity. Let’s discuss NOW!